Pack your dreams, bring them to us and we will find together the most beautiful destination. Successful holidays create stories and never end. To be memorable, however, they depend on a multitude of factors; which we know, evaluate and use to your advantage.

Vacations represent us, have direct connection with who we are, our preferences, our ambitions, passions and emotions. These are such an important part of our lives. Build expectations, bring hope, positively charge us, and then leave behind memories and unique experiences for each of us.

How far is too far, have you ever wondered?


How far is too far, have you ever wondered?

Will you say “it’s across an ocean or a continent, the other end of the world really” …or will you have a more fascinating answer about a Paradise-like destination that has always been on your “must see” wish list.

Traveling to distant destinations is an experience like no other, made up of breath-taking places and authentic people, which will earn you full bragging rights as a global adventurer.

And there’s a deeper side to exotic travel …with the world rapidly diving toward a homogenized, all-the-same neighborhood, it may be the greatest idea ever to get there before “there” becomes the same as “here”.


Getting married anytime soon and looking for a perfect romantic honeymoon getaway within your budget?

Fantasize a honeymoon in the deserts, while you enjoy the white sandy beaches of Atlantic and its blue waters or the Mediterranean cliffs?

Looking for a fancy exotic honeymoon on a secluded beach in Mauritius and Reunion Island?

Is your ideal honeymoon pure relaxation in the most seductive of sceneries, or an exotic adventure, or perhaps a mix of the two?

We can surely make it happen! 


Famous and popular for offering tourists a range of leisurely activities for spending their time, cruises also give you the chance to relax and to visit many places of interest in ports and even different countries.

Whether you are looking for a romantic cruise, for people over a certain age, for families with small children, or for those with active nightlife, our consultants will find the most suitable offers.

The perfect cruise takes you to places unknown, beyond mere longitudes and latitudes. From the charm and history of locations like Marseille, France, to the rich culture of Asia, the rugged beauty of Alaska, and the dreamy beaches of the South Pacific, we can help you broaden your horizons. Let the journey begin.


“The most important shot in golf is the next one” – Ben Hogan

One of the beauties of golf is to take your game to another level, especially if this one is in a corner of the world that you haven’t yet seen.

Looking for a golf holiday in Europe, UK or Worldwide?? We can explore your vision, create for you the experience you dreamed of and bring it to life!

We Plan, You Play!


Do you want to feel the miracle of nature, to decode how to live in the wild?

Do you want to explore or plunge into the unknown?

Resplendent wildlife, picturesque view, unparalleled adventure safari destinations, in addition to diverse cultural encounters:  we combine these factors to offer you an exclusive look into your next journey.

Safari is key to your new adventure!

WELLNESS & DETOX (healthy body, healthy mind)

Looking for absolute peace, total relaxation for your body and mind or a holistic experience?

If you decided to create a little space for yourself, break habits & routine, improve your physical health in an unique way and simply “recharge”, we are here to make it happen.

By coordinating every aspect of the journey from location, to transport, to accommodation options, to food & exercise and cultural immersion, our team of personal travel consultants will work to create the most personalized wellness experience, where you can benefit of ancient teachings of the healing and relaxation.