Leisure travel

Wellness & Detox (healthy body, healthy mind)

Imagine being able to slow down time …seriously! – no advanced Physics knowledge necessary.

Or, better yet, imagine if you could turn time in “Me time” and getting all the perks of hospitality, health, beauty, medicine and fitness in one neat package. For all of you stressed out, sleep deprived, digitally dependent and time challenged people out there - how do you like these numbers?

  • stress and anxiety reduction (76% ↓)
  • sleep & general mood improvement (70% ↑)
  • weight loss and getting fit (35% ↑)
  • kick-starting a healthier lifestyle (34% ↑)

If you decided to create a little space for yourself, break habits & routine, improve your physical health in an unique way and simply …”recharge”, we are here to make it happen. By coordinating every aspect of the journey from location, to transport, to accommodation options, to food & exercise and cultural immersion, our team of personal travel consultants will work to create the most personalized wellness experience that you can think of.

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How far is too far, have you ever wondered?

Will you say “it’s across an ocean or a continent, the other end of the world really” …or will you have a more fascinating answer about a Paradise-like destination that has always been on your “must see” wish list. Traveling to distant destinations is an experience like no other, made up of breath-taking places and authentic people, which will earn you full bragging rights as a global adventurer.

And there’s a deeper side to exotic travel …with the world rapidly diving toward a homogenized, all-the-same neighborhood, it may be the greatest idea ever to get there before “there” becomes the same as “here”.

Tropical islands sprinkled with white, endless beaches, relaxing luxury resorts sheltered by age-old mountains, charming countryside where nature truly turns spectacular, exotic foods and ancient traditions unaltered by time …you know all these exists – pick your favorite and let’s get you there!

  • off-the-grid retreats
  • mainstream locations - that will make it possible to tend to business, whenever you need to
  • customized itinerary
  • transportation & transfer options
  • destination guide tailored to your preferences
  • remote assistance

These are just some of the features our team of personal travel consultants will add to your travel plan in order to make it match all your expectations and then some.

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It’s already a stroke of luck (some might say, but you know better) that you’ve actually found each other! Your wedding day made it all real, here comes married life …start with a sweet break, sounds good?

They say honeymoon will be the “happy place” you take refuge to when you get in trouble, so why not build a great refuge? Yes, it takes time, patience and a whole lot of know-how – but you don’t have to do it alone. Working with our team of personal travel consultants will make things easy for you and turn the whole planning into a pretty painless process.

What’s the destination of your dreams? Have you decided...or are you just now choosing where you want to go? Is your ideal honeymoon pure relaxation in the most seductive of sceneries or an exotic adventure engaging both soul and body …or perhaps a mix of the two?
We can start here and continue on to the essentials:

  • o booking accommodation, transportation, transfers and anything else you'll need in advance
  • mapping your customized local experience (specific activities, seeing tours, traditional events…)
  • arranging access to honeymoon complimentary amenities
  • identifying applicable insider discounts.

There’s a brand new photo album in your house, all blank pages waiting to show the stories that will make you both smile and will turn your friend into questions-asking machines.

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City Break

Sometimes, we barely manage to get enough sleep and peace of mind to make it to the end of the working week. With in-boxes continuously flooded with emails, projects to start or follow-up on, unexpected daily interruptions and family matters to take care of, it’s hard not to feel like your life isn’t completely yours anymore.

If you find yourself stuck in this never ending game there is a breakout from routine and we are here to help plan your escape.

Adjust your working week and go for a mini-break!
You can give city breaks a fair chance.
We know you’ll love it!

You’ll get to step out of stressful routines, push “pause” on your on-going projects & other people’s expectations, make & break your agenda at will and get a new perspective on everything by simply exposing yourself to new people, places and ideas. The memories of such a short vacation may fade in time, but the comfort it brings is sure to make you want to plan the next one.

Recharge your batteries and lift your spirits up in one fell swoop!

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